Beekeeping for Beginners: Theory / Practical

Theory sessions

The course looks at the bees themselves, the beekeeping year, the swarming process and its management, pests and diseases, IPM as well as the process of honey production and supplemental feeding. Designed to complement the basic examination syllabus and provide a good foundation of knowledge that can then be applied and built on during the practical course.

There are no entry requirements for the theory course. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a fee-paying adult. The course is held at Farm Gate Vets, Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands which provides us with a warm purpose built training facility.

A copy of the training material is provided to each candidate after the session along with a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

Practical course

For those who have completed the theory course as this is where they start to apply their knowledge. Bee-suits will be made available to those on the course for its duration but individuals will need to provide their own suitable footwear (wellington boots or similar). Held during the warmer months when the hives can be opened we will open the hive over several sessions to see how the colony has developed and understand the lifecycle of this super-organism. This provides the candidates a chance to build on the theory component and develop confidence with the bees. Practical procedures will be explained, demonstrated and then undertaken working both with the bees and within the apiary.

On completion of the course each candidate will receive a certificate of attendance.

Candidates must have completed the Beekeeping for Beginners – theory course before undertaking the practical sessions. Children under the age of 16 must be confirmed with us beforehand to ensure that a child sized bee-suit is available for them and accompanied by a fee-paying adult.

This course takes place at our training apiary at Yealand Conyers.

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