• Inspecting Comb
    Inspecting Comb
  • Looking Inside a Beehive
    Looking Inside a Beehive
  • Guests in Beekeeping Suits
    Guests in Beekeeping Suits

Public Open Day (with the Bees) - FREE

Lancaster Beekeepers is a local charity and on Sunday 12th May 2019 we are holding a Public Open Day.

The club provide refreshments and cake and bee suits for visitors who wish to enter (supervised) the apiary.

The FREE 2 hour visit let visitors view the hives, frames and bee colonies close up and gain a much greater insight into the fascinating life of the honeybee. The apiary visiting times are:

  • 10am - 12noon
  • 1pm - 3pm

W3 have 18 adult and 6 child bee suits so numbers are limited.  Children age 6 and above are welcome too.


Contact <secretary@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk> if you wish to apply.