• Powered Honey Extractor
    Powered Honey Extractor
  • Powered Honey Extractor
    Powered Honey Extractor

Loan Items

The items listed below are available to loan for club members only, free of charge.

30th July 2016

Honey Extractors

The club has 2 honey extractors, 1 small and 1 medium sized, which club members can borrow, free of charge. Both are motorised and they spin 3 or 4 frames of honey. We also have a honey press which is useful if you are extracting from unwired frames.

They are currently kept at the apiary when they are not in use.

Anyone wishing to borrow one should contact Bob Shand shand5227@aol.com or 07841379362 to find out when she will be at the apiary to open the container, so that the extractors can be removed and returned.

The club owns a third honey extractor which is large and can spin up to 9 super frames. It is stored at club member's house Linda and Richard Wilson. They have a honey room which members can take their own supers to spin there. Alternatively you can take the extractor home. If you wish to see if it is available or to arrange a visit please contact Linda at bazilbees@gmail.com

Technical equipment

The club owns a laptop, projector, projector screen and PA system. If a member is doing a presentation about bees then they can borrow this kit. Please contact chairman Jenny Gilpin at chairman@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk or telephone 01524 64993