• Public open day flier - 12th May 2019
    Public open day flier - 12th May 2019
  • Frame, Comb and Bees
    Frame, Comb and Bees
  • Beehive and Frames
    Beehive and Frames

A Day with the Bees - Open Day 12th May 2019

As part of our charitable objective we aim to raise awareness about honey bees, generate interest and provide education. Every year we run a free public open taster day in the Spring / Summer where members of the public aged 6 upwards can listen to a short talk about honey bees and then open a hive and see what goes on inside. Look out for our latest flier here, email secretary@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk to register your interest; and we can contact you nearer the time.

Often in summer months we run occasional stalls at different events where we also have an observation hive on display for people to see the bees through a glass frame without needing a bee suit.