• Training in Beekeeping
    Training in Beekeeping
  • Beehive Inspection
    Beehive Inspection
  • Practical Beehive Tuition
    Practical Beehive Tuition
  • Making up Beehive Frames
    Making up Beehive Frames
  • Using Beekeeping Equipment
    Using Beekeeping Equipment
  • Understanding the Beehive Colony
    Understanding the Beehive Colony
  • Introduction to Beekeeping
    Introduction to Beekeeping

Courses & Training

Public open day 10th May 2020 - details A day with the bees - public open day 10th May 2020

As part of our charitable objective we aim to raise awareness about honey bees, generate interest

Beekeeping Course Lancaster Beekeeping for Beginners: Theory / Practical A multi-stage course covering both theory and practice sessions is available on a yearly basis. Gain a sound understanding of beekeeping and experience putting it into practice.
Bees On Honeycomb BBKA - Basic Exam

This is the official basic beekeeping qualification of the British Beekeepers Association.

Plants For Bees Continuous Learning

Throughout the year we aim to provide educational speakers continuous learning opportunities for

We offer an exciting and engaging training program for potential, new and experienced beekeepers that runs throughout the year. We provide tasters (T) for those considering taking up this fascinating hobby, training for beginners  giving you the knowledge and confidence to take on your own bees.

Lancaster Beekeepers welcomes new beekeepers of all ages and have Club suits to fit most sizes. Trainees under the age of 18 will need parental consent and be accompanied by a responsible adult.

To book a course contact secretary@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk