• Club Event
    Club Event
  • BBQ at Apiary
    BBQ at Apiary
  • Part of the Club Apiary
    Part of the Club Apiary
  • Beekeeping Introduction to U3A
    Beekeeping Introduction to U3A
  • Inspection of Beehive
    Inspection of Beehive
  • Learning About Beekeeping
    Learning About Beekeeping

About Us

Lancaster Beekeepers Club a friendly group of hobbyist beekeepers who meet regularly throughout the year to share our experiences and develop our beekeeping skills. 

Club Officers

  • Jenny Gilpin - Chairman - chairman@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk
  • Sue Counsell - Treasurer and membership secretary - treasurer@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk
  • Nadia Mazza - Secretary - secretary@lancaster-beekeepers.org.uk
  • Richard Wilson - Swarm coordinator
  • Mark Stott - Lead trainer and Apiary coordinator
  • Kevin Gilpin - Lead trainer and BBKA examinations lead


Support roles

  • Mark Cullen - Webmaster
  • Bob Shand - Quarter master
  • Roger Jump - Independent accounts examiner
  • Helen Jump and Pat Harrison - Primary school education


A branch of The Lancashire and North West Beekeepers Association which was founded in 1889, the Lancaster Branch was formed in 1942.

There is no specific boundary but we broadly operate in the Lancaster and Morecambe area from the coast in the west to the Pennines in the east, from the river Kent in the north to the river Wyre in the south. The club welcomes new members and operates training courses for all who require them.